The Aurum Projects Achievements 2019

It is always one of my favourite things to do at the beginning of the year to go back and look at what we’ve done throughout the previous year. Even though the year seemed to fly by, I’m reminded of our many achievements, which makes me smile.

First Survey of Australian Homeopaths

In January we created a formidable homeopathy research studies team that gathered practice information from Australian Homeopaths. This created a snapshot of 2 months of practice data in Homeopathy in Australia.  This is new research in homeopathy.

We were asked to present the Aurum project homeopathy research results at three prestigious international conferences around the world. The feedback from this was extremely encouraging and highlights the strengths and abilities of all those who dedicate their time and efforts to presenting the Aurum Project as a high-class research organisation for Homeopathy.

The Aurum Project Goes to London to Present Their Homeopathy Research!Homeopathy Research Aurum Projects Achievements

In June we presented the results of The First Survey of Australian Homeopathy research, at a poster presentation, at the Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) International Conference, in London. Gabrielle Brody was on the research team and our representative at the event, which hosted 3 days of seminars on research studies from around the world covering an extensive range of topics from Homeopathy treatment of Penguins to Children’s oral health with Calendula.

Golden-bookWe were also extremely grateful to Deutsche Homöopathie-Union, a Homeopathics production facility and research organisation in Germany, who purchased enough copies of our Golden Book so that every delegate at the event could receive a copy.

Our gratitude continued as we received donations from far and wide to ensure Gabrielle’s flights and registration fees were paid for. As a not for profit organisation, these donations are vital.

We received further coverage of our Poster Presentation in the AHA newsletter.

New Zealand Council of Homeopaths Conference in August

The Aurum Project research presentation by Australian homeopaths and researchers, Celeste Salter and Ann Manning, explored the idea of homeopathic research by asking the conference participants what their first response was to the words medical research and homeopathic research.

“It was great to learn from Celeste and Ann that the Aurum Project is undertaking valid research with Australian homeopaths. Their study inspired me to think about the many exciting research projects that are waiting for homeopaths to undertake.” Angela Hair, BSc (Hons) majoring in Psychology and Homeopath in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

The Aurum Project Presents at The World Congress of Homeopathy Research Italy in SeptemberHomeopathic Research Team

The theme of the conference, the medicine of the future from the ancient heart was a brilliant and very contemporary thread woven through the many high-quality presentations and posters. Approximately 800 delegates from all continents comprising of Homeopaths, Veterinarians, Pharmacists, and Dentists joined the Welcome Reception on the 24 September. Guests were treated to a concert devoted to the great masters of music who were cured by Homeopathy (Chopin, Paganini, Beethoven, Schumann, Cole Porter).

The poster presentation from the Aurum Project was well-received, complimented on both its design and its high-quality results.

The conference called for unity as a worldwide Homeopathic community in regards to research collaborations. This has become the Aurum Projects' focus for 2020.

Grand OpeningAurum Project Homeopathy Research Institute Centre Grand Opening

In April we opened our Aurum Project Natural Medicine Research Centre, In Brookvale NSW. We enjoyed Kombucca and grazing platters and a great turn out of supporters from all across the Natural Therapies industry. We even received a little press coverage.

Reciprocal Marketing

We have started working with local clean living café, Ruby Lane. They pride themselves on their whole food menu and wonderful variety of talks and events from gut health with Kale Brock to Men's mental health meetups. They have a similar client demographic to which the Aurum Project communicates with. Plenty of Natural Health Practitioners and families keen to use natural therapies as their preferred healthcare options. We are able to share advertising and the hosting of talks on a reciprocal basis.

Social Media Achievements

Here are the most ‘reached’ and ‘reacted’ to Aurum Project Facebook posts for 2019:

Homeopathy Research Calendula

Reach is defined as the number of people that have seen your content within a certain period. It is always a unique number. For example, if somebody has seen your post four times, the reach is still listed as one.

Each time a person logs into Facebook, their newsfeed loads approximately 250 posts. All of those 250 posts are no longer counted as reach. Reach is only measured if the post appears in the person’s timeline and they have actually scrolled through and seen it.

Reacted to refers to how many people:

  • Clicked: Like, Love, Funny, Wow, Sad, or Anger
  • Shared: This is arguable worth so much more as people share your post with all their friends, increasing the potential for reach.
  • Commenting: when someone submits his or her response to a piece of content.

Increase in Followers despite the Current Climate for Natural Therapies.

The Aurum Project Facebook Page went from 5000 to 6000 Followers in 2019

Event Discounts for our Members

We were able to offer numerous discounts this year to our valued members. This hopefully increases their value on renewing their membership each year.  Keep an eye out on the Aurum Project Events Calendar for 2020 for more fascinating seminars, workshops, events and courses and their discounts for members.Homeopathy Events

These are some of the discounts that were offered to Aurum Project Members in 2019:

  • $100 discount: India 15 Days Clinical and Practical Homeopathy 15-30 January 2019
  • $10 off x 10 sessions: Connecting Homeopaths Zoom Meet Ups
  • $100 off each module: Dr Parimal Banerji’s Advanced Homeopathy Postgraduate Course 4 modules
  • $30 discount: Ageing, Kidney & Cognitive National Summit Presented by: Prof. Dr. Jurgen Vormann, Prof. Lynda Frassetto, Prof. Dr. Henry Butt, Vanessa Hitch & Paul Kern WA12 AUG | NSW 14 AUG | QLD 15 AUG | VIC 17 AUG | SA 19 AUG | NZ 21 AUG
  • $50 OFF: Otitis Media Management & Ear Health for Alternative Health Practitioners, Brisbane. Sept 2019
  • 10% OFF THE TICKET PRICE Calming The Storm By Dr Samir Chaukkar and Sarah Johnston-Knight, Sept 2019.

Free Documents made available to Aurum Project Members in 2019

We were able to offer members access to numerous resources and documents to assist in their practice. Here are some examples:

  • GIVE A TALK #8 [PPT]: Antibiotic Free Living
  • GIVE A TALK #9 [PPT]: Sailing through the Menopause with Homeopathy
  • AUTISM: New Dimensions in Treatment of Autism with Homeopathy. Dr Rajalakshmi M.A.
  • AUTISM: Diagnosis and Treatment of Autistic Spectrum Disorder With a Focus on Homeopathic Prescribing. Glenn Ingram Jr
  • AUTISM: 4 yrs Experience of Controlled Clinical Study
  • Serious mistakes in meta-analysis of homeopathic research. Professor G Vithoulkas
  • Australian Research Priorities in Homeopathy 2018 -2024

If you would like to see what is available for members to download. Please click here.

What we learnt from 2019 how we aim to use this knowledge and understanding in 2020

  • The conferences have called for unity as a worldwide Homeopathic community with regards to research collaborations. This has become the Aurum Projects' focus for 2020. Our next research project: The Research Pod. Looking at supporting Homeopaths wanting to carry out their own research studies and helping to eliminate the obstacles in their path. This will help us in our own clinical practices, and also support others in theirs. That's what we'd like to create.  To find out more about The Research Pods, please contact The Aurum Project's Research Co-ordinator Celeste Salter
  • The search for more Reciprocal Marketing opportunities to help support homeopathy research.
  • Working with interstate Australian Homeopaths for research, presentation, and fundraising opportunities. In order to grow the Aurum Project, it is important to continue to expand our work with interstate practices for expanding our homeopathic research team, presentations, and fundraising opportunities.
  • There are growing social media opportunities for natural therapies. We will be establishing an Aurum Project Instagram page to further communicate our research practices. So please watch this space to connect in with us on Instagram.

Thank you from Erica Steele, Marketing and Fundraising Manager for The Aurum Project, for reading about The Aurum Projects achievements for 2019.  

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