homeopathy to treat eczema?

Homeopathy: A natural treatment for eczema?

By AP admin / April 22, 2023

International research papers written about homeopathy as a treatment for childhood eczema have generally come to a positive conclusion in answer to questions about the outcome of treatment, including quality of life questions and patient satisfaction. The papers agree that it is worthwhile to conduct more investigations because: there is potential for reduction in use […]

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beautiful symbols made from gold

Aurum metallicum: The homeopathic remedy made from gold

By AP admin / March 15, 2023

In the world of homeopathy, when we talk about the homeopathic remedy made from gold Aurum metallicum, we refer to it as Aurum and pronounce it or-um. Aurum is most well known as a treatment for anxiety and depression. However, like all remedies, it has a much broader set of indications than that. One of the many sweeping […]

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Thought of a Teal organisation structure for your group? We have!

By Celeste Salter / February 2, 2023

It’s official “Teal” is the 2022 Macquarie Dictionary Word of Year.  This version of the word Teal is linked to an independent political candidate holding moderate views and supporting strong climate change policy and action with integrity in government.  That’s all pretty cool, but not what we, The Aurum Project, mean when we use “Teal” […]

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Pitigliano Integrated Medical Centre, in Tuscany,

Homeopathy Research: Allergies, Rhinitis and Hayfever

By Linlee Jordan / December 4, 2022

Research in homeopathy has steadily grown over the years. Already a decade ago, researchers pointed out that even though complementary and alternative medicine, including homeopathy, has become more important in health care, more controlled studies examining their effectiveness are required (Bellavite et al., 2011). To address this gap, more and larger studies need to be […]

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Doctor checking ears of small boy with earache

Antibiotic resistance, otitis media and homeopathy

By AP admin / November 20, 2022

What does the evidence say? Complementary medicine can be used in the treatment of otitis media (aka ear infection). The use of properly prescribed homeopathic medicine (by a registered homeopath) can lead to: faster relief decreased pain quicker resolution of infection, in combination with conventional therapy. (1) Advantages for homeopathy in otitis media are: lower […]

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