Homeopathy gets thumbs-up in ear infection research. We should use it more.

By Linlee Jordan / March 1, 2024

Globally, antibiotic use is of increasing concern in our era of expanding antibiotic resistance so there is an obvious question especially about ear infections, acute otitis media. If the outcome of research about using homeopathy is basically the same as the results of conventional medicine why are we not using Homeopathy instead?” Especially since there […]

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Penny Barron at Woodford

POV You’re a Homeopath volunteering at Woodford Folk Festival: Extremes & intensities

By Penny Barron / February 18, 2024

Where the showers are hot… until they’re not. Where you’re always among friends, even when you’re alone. Where the music plays night and day. Where we all can go to feed the soul. Of course, I’d heard of the homeopathy tent clinic at Woodford Folk Festival. It’s kind of famous in homeopathic circles. But for […]

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Things you might have missed in 2023

By AP admin / February 13, 2024

What was so special about 2023 at The Aurum Project? That’s easy… 3 things … Compound Annual Growth Rate for Homeopathy, Conference Presentations and Student Books in the Book Barn. CAG Rate for Homeopathy Did you know, The Compound Annual Growth Rate for homeopathy is at 16.4% by 2028 !  This is compared to other […]

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Joy – Main Dispenser Honiara

Water Medicine in the Solomon Islands

By AP admin / November 19, 2023

What do you need to survive?: Water, Air, Food, Facebook? If you included ‘water’ in your answer, you’re right. Water is crucial to life. In fact, your body is more water than anything else! Did you know that your blood, bones and muscles are composed largely of water? A staggering 99 percent of the molecules […]

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AHA 2023 Conference Seminar

What were the Key Takeaways from the Australian Homeopathic Medicine Conference 2023?

By Linlee Jordan / November 8, 2023

What were the Key Takeaways from the Australian Homeopathic Medicine Conference 2023? Many Aurum Project (AP) members attended the Australian Homeopathic Medicine Conference held in Brisbane 4th to 5th November 2023. This blog includes key takeaways from the Keynote Speaker presentations and AP Research Pod members poster presentations. by Linlee Jordan I’m on a rambling […]

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