Things you might have missed in 2023

What was so special about 2023 at The Aurum Project?

That’s easy… 3 things … Compound Annual Growth Rate for Homeopathy, Conference Presentations and Student Books in the Book Barn.

CAG Rate for Homeopathy

Did you know, The Compound Annual Growth Rate for homeopathy is at 16.4% by 2028 !  This is compared to other industries such as cultural tourism at 11%, paracetamol at 5% and hydropower at 3%.  The Homeopathy Market Poised for Rapid Growth with Projected Value of $15.53 Billion by 2028.
Compound annual growth rate, or CAGR, is the mean annual growth rate of an investment over a specified period of time longer than one year

Student Books in The Book Barn

For us working in the field of homeopathy, it is a great delight to see more and more colleges within Australia and New Zealand offering Homeopathy courses for students.  For us, it is a reflection of the growing rate of reliable and well received research becoming available. And also, the general public’s growing confidence in the modality.  

As we are already a major supplier of homeopathy books for practitioners and consumers of homeopathy, it is therefore a natural progression to now supply the colleges and their students with their textbook requirements.

These colleges include:

College of Natural Health and Homeopathy

International Academy of Classical Homeopathy

Switch on Health

Gold Coast Natural Health

School of Homeopathy

The book requirements for these colleges and their links are:

Nature’s Materia Medica – Fourth Edition By Robyn Murphy

MetaRepertory Fourth Edition By Robyn Murphy

Meditative Provings Vol 2 By Madeline Evans

A Contemporary Repertory Meditative Provings By Paula Leszczuk RSHom and Karen Main RSHom

Miasms and Nosodes Volume 1 By Louis Klein

Miasms and Nosodes Volume 2 By Louis Klein

Complementary Medicine: Origins and Principles By Vincent Di Stefano

A Repertory of Homeopathic Nosodes and Sarcodes By Berkley Squire

Introduction to Complementary Medicine By Terry Robson

Boericke’s New Manual of Homoeopathic – Materia Medica with Repertory By William Boericke

Law and Ethics in Complementary Medicine: A Handbook for Practitioners in Australia and New Zealand – 5th edition! By Weir

Basic Personal Counselling, 9th Edition By Geldard, Yin Foo

The Business of Healing – A Common-Sense Guide to the Establishment and Management of the Non-Medical Healthcare Practice By Medhurst

Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket Book By Allen

Pocket Manual Homeopathic Materia Medica By William Boericke

Research Conferences

In 2023, we were accepted to provide an incredible 7 Poster Presentations at Homeopathy conferences, in just one year. The illustrations and design of each poster takes a huge amount of time and effort across the whole team. And the results are impressive to say the least.  We have even won awards for our posters in the past.  They need to capture delegate’s attention and convey the methodology and results in a clear, informative, and professional manner. 

The Presentations were conducted by a variety of Homeopaths and Aurum Project Members and Research Team.  We are extremely lucky to have such qualified and experienced professionals willing to undertake the research and present it so eloquently at these esteemed conferences. We can never express our gratitude enough. 

In addition to homeopathy conferences, as part of The Aurum Projects innovation goals, we continually look beyond our industry to evaluate our procedures and practices and ensure we are operating with optimal know-how and direction.

This drive led us to our Teal presentation at Transformations Conference 2023 in Sydney in July 2023. The aim of the International Transformations Community and Conference is to increase people’s capacity to transform social – ecological systems.   This is with the intention to achieve sustainable, regenerative, just and equitable futures, by co-creating and amplifying knowledge, capacities, learning and action. It was attended by practitioners, researchers, artists and anyone involved in making a change for the better on this planet.

You can read more about this conference in the August edition of Celeste’s Research Write-up

Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) Conference London June 2023

Here we had 2 Poster Presentations.  Dr Celeste Salter, Research Coordinator and Sunny Goddard, Teal Relationships Co-ordinator travelled to London to present these posters and interact with Homeopaths from around the globe.  Their experience was full and extensive.  They met with Homeopathy pharmacists in London, who delightedly knew all about The Aurum Project.

They had the opportunity to meet with numerous colleagues at the conference, including a few familiar faces of Australian AP Members and colleagues, and also some internationally recognised colleagues:

Dr Robbert van Haselen with Dr Celeste Salter and Sunny Goddard

Rachel Roberts, Dr Alex Tournier and Dr Esther van der Werf from HRI.

Sandra Tribolo from Boiron.

Jane Lindsay, (AP Vice President) and Sharon Jones (AP member).

Dr Robbert van Haselen who is Director of the International Institute for Integrated Medicine.

Dr Schroyens the editor of Synthesis Repertory.

Louise Hall and Ian Watson from The Complementary College of Homeopathy.

Dr Celeste Salter understood from the conference, that there is a growing discussion on what kind of research might best support our discipline? There are calls for more qualitative research activity. A paraphrased question from Dr Michael Teut, Researcher at The Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics in Berlin: Should we be doing different types of research, ones that support our profession from within? Are we asking the wrong questions? What kinds of research would better suit our homeopathic community? There are sound psychological reasons why our good quality quantitative research won’t be acknowledged by the current dominant medical paradigm. Is there a better way ahead for us?

The posters presented by Celeste and Sunny were:

UTI Research Pod – “Homeopathy treatment of recurrent urinary tract infection: a retrospective case series analysis” by Sunny Goddard, Celeste Salter, Ash Sharafi, and  Sabina Vatter

Systematic Review – “Determining the quantity and focus of homeopathy research activity in Australia: a systematic literature review” by Sabina Vatter, Linlee Jordan and Celeste Salter

On 27th August 2023, Celeste gave a presentation to the NSW Branch of AHA at their AGM.  She provided some reflection on the international research shared at the Conference in London. 

She was thrilled to share the research AP Members have been undertaking here in Australia.

Here is the 30 minute video of Celeste’s presentation and reflections at the NSW AHA AGM.

You can read more about Celeste and Sunny’s experiences at the HRI Conference in the July edition of Celeste’s Research Write-up. 

Poster Presentations at Australian Homoeopathic Medicine Conference (AHMC) in Brisbane November 2023 

These five presentations were made up of Research Pods with various AP Members and Homeopaths from all around Australia and India.

UTI Research Pod – “‘Irritation on all levels’ – A glimpse into our research process of the homoeopathic treatment of urinary tract infection in women in Australia”

The physical, emotional and mental discomfort women suffer with UTIs, creates a complex picture of disease. The aim is to conduct a retrospective case series analysis amongst homoeopaths across Australia. 

Molluscum Contagiosum Pod – “Is homoeopathy a viable treatment option for Molluscum contagiosum (MC)?”

This research is a collaboration between Dr Sujata Naik’s Homeopathy Clinic, India, and Harbord Homeopathic Clinic, Sydney.

In a retrospective analysis of paediatric cases of MC, there were two important findings in the cases treated with homeopathy, first was that MC was consistently resolved faster than what would be expected if left to self-resolve and second there were many other seemingly unrelated symptoms or allied symptoms which improved as well as the MC eg: bedwetting and behaviour problems. 

A letter to the Editor in Similia was also published for this Pod in December 2022.

Systematic Review – “A systematic review determining the amount, focus and nature of homoeopathy research activity in Australia”

Previous to this study, there had never been a literature review of Australian publications of homoeopathy research. With this knowledge we now have a stronger foundation for future scientific research in homoeopathy.

To be more specific, The Aurum Project’s review intends to determine the amount, focus and nature of peer-reviewed research articles on homoeopathy in Australia.

Linlee Jordan with the poster presentation for Teal Vision

Teal Vision Pod – Creating resilience in our homoeopathy community: the concept of Pods

 Research Pods were launched with an aim to bring  practitioners together and turn great ideas into valuable knowledge, by conducting grounded practical research. 

Through the evolution of research pods, it was realised that AP is a Teal organisation using the principles of Self-management, Wholeness and Evolutionary Purpose. 

Pod research explores novel ways of conducting practitioner-based research in alignment with the practices and approach taken by homoeopaths in practice.

Workforce Survey – “Harnessing insights from inside the homoeopathic profession in Australia”

A Pod has formed to initiate and conduct a yearly workforce survey of Australian practitioners. This activity is in partnership with Australian Register of Homeopaths (ARoH). 

It is a desired outcome within the homoeopathic community that knowledge of their workforce and practice is formalised.  This is to enable public health planners and policy makers to ensure public safety and optimal public health. This survey is to be undertaken annually.

You can read more about Linlee Jordan’s take-aways from The AHMC here.

For more on what we’ve achieved in the past, here is the previous year’s round up.

We are all set for an exciting 2024 at The Aurum Project.  Watch this space for our upcoming developments.

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