Stable Water Clusters: Evidence of ‘Substance” in Homeopathic Preparations?

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Stable Water Clusters – Evidence of ‘Substance’ in Homeopathic Preparations?

Ann Manning

Ann Manning

Ann Manning presented a paper at the AHA National Conference 2012 about the work of Engineer David Gann and particle physicist Dr Shiu-yin Lo. They claim to have identified the presence of stable water clusters in highly dilute/potentised solutions reflecting a different phase of water. In her presentation, Ann traced their journey of discovery and looked at the possible implications for the science behind homeopathic medicine.

Gann and Lo first identified a mathematical prediction and then physical evidence that at dilutions of 3C and beyond the electric force around each particle in solution, the coulomb force, ‘collapses’ in on itself, crushing approximately 8 water molecules into newly discovered water geometry. These newly formed ‘stable water clusters’ take on properties similar to frozen water but at room temperature. As these stable water clusters are concentrated they proliferate and ultimately form double helices.

Work of this kind is of the utmost importance to homeopathy. There have been a number of theories proposed about the mechanism of action of homeopathic medicine. All need to be examined and can contribute to our understanding.

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