A retrospective case series analysis on the treatment of glue ear

Congratulations to Penny Barron, Aurum Project Research Co-ordinator, on the success of her paper at the 8th Australian Homeopathic Medicine National Conference, 2012. She had so many wonderful comments after her presentation: "A retrospective case series analysis on the treatment of glue ear by homeopathic practitioners at the Harbord Homeopathic Clinic."

Penny Barron speaking at AHA National Conference 2012
Basically her research found that treatment programmes using ear mix, plus a carefully chosen constitutional remedy, and some dietary advice had a high success rate.
This is a finding of great importance since otitis media is such a common reason for children to be taken to the doctor for treatment.  
In Australia, one study estimated the average incidence of recurrent Acute Otitis Media and its complications in Aboriginal children to be as high as forty two percent.

Penny Barron

Penny Barron is a practitioner at the Harbord Homeopathic Clinic in Brookvale Sydney, with a long history of being involved in promoting research and assisting the Aurum Project. She loves to write it as she sees it and is very passionate about many aspects of life, including women and children’s health, mental health and nutrition.