Entanglement, non-locality, p-Values and Ultra-High Dilutions

The 8th Australian Homeopathic Medicine Conference was held in Brisbane, Australia. The conference theme was 2012 and Beyond: A Homeopathic Odyssey. It signified the homeopathic journey through time, encompassing all aspects from the spark of Hahnemann’s desire to offer humanity a safe, effective medical treatment through Teachings, Methodologies, Medicines, Homeopathic Pathogenic Trials, Principles of Best Practice, Research and Lifestyle to the realms of what is yet to be discovered.

AHA National Conference 2012

Dr Jurgen Schulte represented the Aurum Project and was a keynote speaker. His paper: "Entanglement, non-locality, p-Values and Ultra-High Dilutions" aimed at shedding light on these concepts.
Fundamental research into the scientific basis of the manufacture of ultra-high dilutions has evolved over the last 20 years and there have been attempts to develop theories about how they work. The most intriguing question has been: "How do the desired features of pure substances transfer to the ultra-high dilution itself?"
Success of the application of ultra-high dilutions by practitioners as well as patients is well known in the world of homeopathy and in other areas. Efficacy of the use in practice has been researched in many clinical trials always benchmarked by a ubiquitous p-value. The earliest double blind study on efficacy was commissioned by the British Government as long ago as 1943, and today the matter of whether there is something to it or not is still fiercely debated.
According to Jurgen this may be due to poorly designed studies or simply asking the wrong question.

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