Can Homeopathy be used for glue ear?

In one of the most comprehensive literature reviews about glue ear done to date, Alison Fixsen asks the question: Should homeopathy be considered as part of a treatment strategy for otitis media with effusion in children? This review was initiated and supported in part by The Aurum Project and we congratulate Alison on the amount of effort put into the careful study of the literature. It was published in the prestigious Homeopathy Journal.

Background about glue ear

Homeopathy JournalGlue ear is the most common cause of hearing loss in children, and it is a drain on global healthcare resources. It is associated with frequent ear aches and upper respiratory tract infections.

Glue ear has been linked with environmental and social factors, including diet, smoking households, overcrowding and day care use.

Current conventional treatment for glue ear is unsatisfactory, the area constitutes an ‘effectiveness gap’.

Homeopathy is a relatively common and popular choice of  treatment for childhood conditions, including otitis media. Antibiotic resistance is now a major global problem, homeopathy may have a role to play in combating its further development.

Can homeopathy be used for glue ear?

Several studies of homeopathy for glue ear and upper respiratory tract disorders have been published. The results are encouraging, but the volume of research is small and insufficient to draw definitive conclusions.

As far as future research is concerned, a strategy based on multi-centre or multiple, linked clinical trials of homeopathy for glue ear, using a pragmatic framework and evaluating long-term effects in different settings, in conjunction with other healthcare and social services should be considered. Reduction of antibiotic use is an important outcome. See the abstract here.

Penny Barron

Penny Barron is a practitioner at the Harbord Homeopathic Clinic in Brookvale Sydney, with a long history of being involved in promoting research and assisting the Aurum Project. She loves to write it as she sees it and is very passionate about many aspects of life, including women and children’s health, mental health and nutrition.