Wizard Of Oz Fundraising Gala 2016

A Wonderful Wizard of Oz time at the Aurum Project’s Annual Gala 2016

This years gala had the amazing theme of the Wizard of Oz. From the moment we entered Linlee’s home, it was clear that we were no longer in Kansas. You couldn’t help but feel you’d entered another world where the unexpected wasn’t unexpected. We followed the yellow brick road in search of the Emerald City.

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our staff, sponsors, volunteers and everyone who attended, we were able to raise $7000 towards the Aurum Projects continued work in research into homeopathy treatments.

Partygoers were suitably dressed and had donned their ruby dancing slippers for an evening of fun and magic. The best-dressed prize went to the “Crow”, which just goes to show how creative everybody was with their costumes.

A charity auction was held on the night, with amongst others, a holiday to Paris, original artworks, a bread making class and a wonderful Dorothy snow globe up for grabs.

We were fortunate enough to have Speaker Gerry Dendrinos provide a presentation on Lac Leoninum - The remedy made from lions milk. This was aptly named: “The Cowardly Lion v’s The Egotistical Lion”.

Guests were entertained throughout the night by Chris Ross and his band: Los Gatos. This was not your usual type of party; attendees were awed by an array of insightful homeopathic information, great food (by Louise Ross-Campbell and Grant Seeney) and delicious drinks (generously supported by local brewers, The 4Pines Brewing Company), in a venue that would have made the Wizard of Oz proud!

The generous list of supporters for this evening of wizardry also includes:
Covered magazine
Sheree Maniks Set Design
Duoz Media
Elements of Health
Martin and Pleasance
Keysun Laboratories

Check out our video to get an idea of the fun.


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Dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

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