Titanic’s Life: Unspoken Words by Emerging Poet, Marianne Goestosaturn

Introducing Unspoken Words
by Emerging Poet And Storyteller, Marianne Goestosaturn

Marianne is an eight year old poet and storyteller and Titanic is an ant. This is a poem for our time and a poem for homeopaths. We got really inspired by this poem and wanted to share it with all of you, our homeopathic community.

ant-cartoon_longerTitanic's Life

On nowhere the Titanic not the visible one
On nowhere the Titanic stops the invisible
Worst day can't get the merry of the heart
Sole and the only Titanic
The only one Titanic singing real rock song in the gloomy bathroom
Titanic who not tall enough to reach the ventilation
Titanic who really goes to the miles to assist the invisible
Does Titanic pity the mankind who does not give any kindness?
Titanic awesome attributes will rise to the challenge
Titanic is inside the gloomy bathroom thinking NO
Why should i help them, the mankind without a heart?
Why should i help them, the mankind loving the unkind?
Titanic ponders
Titanic goes to the top of the roof
There she sees the mankind walking on the street
The mankind without a melting heart
Titanic sees the mankind who is loving the stony heart, stony unkind heart
Titanic's awesome attributes is telling her to help the mankind
The unkind stony heart mankind will learn to melt the stone in their heart
Stone stepping any, stopping the mankind to be unkind
On a worst ever day, the not worst ever mankind won't result in worst fate
On a worst ever day, the worst ever mankind will abandon the unkindness and stop the stony heart
Titanic's worst ever day, stepping on stony heart, unease the stony heart
Stone inside the heart will all unease
The mankind is rolling into the better
The mankind is asking all about the rolling
Asking about the stepping
Asking about the uneasy
The mankind's stony heart asks
The mankind's stony heart blames
The mankind's stony heart uses the seat to pray
The weak stony heart ritual rolls the world into war
In the war, the stony weak heart ritual looses
The use of the seat in the war stops the unkindness
To all of the stony heart, stop the unkindness
Stop the weakness
Start the pray
Start the wish
Start the ritual
Of the kindness, strength and the strong loving heart.

Autism Support ProjectCourtesy of Linda Beaver Homeopath

Linda Beaver is a homeopath who enjoys poetry, art, philosophy and music as well as homeopathy.

Linda is the Director of The Autism Support Project at the Newtown Homeopathic Centre
13 Myrtle Street
Stanmore NSW 2048
612 9516 5300