Mad Hatters Tea Party a Success!

Thanks to the amazing efforts of our entire staff, our sponsors, volunteers, and everyone who attended, we were able to raise over $2,400 towards the Aurum Project Charity from the Mad Hatters Tea Party!

Linlee’s home was transformed into a venue of Wonderland proportions for the Mad Hatters Tea Party, complete with a mural of the Mad Hatter, and glowing mushrooms!

The special guest, Claire Bleakley, was the piece de resistance for the evening. She spoke in great detail about her rabbits milk remedy to a captivated crowd of costumed partygoers. Her presentation was informative, as well as entertaining, and very appropriate in the theme of the night. Everyone came away with a new understanding of the rabbits milk remedy, and its indications. (read more about rabbits milk)

There were delicious cakes, biscuits, teacups filled with mulled wine, and multiple soups on offer; costumed guests danced around the house, smiling, while enjoying the general ambiance of madness. In attendance were many Mad Hatters, a few Alice’s, a Cheshire Cat; the Queen of Hearts even threatened to cut off your head!

Loves me Knot played fantastic and fun music during the evening, ranging from classic hits like ‘Everything She Does is Magic’ through to modern chart ­toppers like Lorde’s ‘Royals’, with original compositions and improvised songs thrown in for fun! Zoe and Pablo entertained for the entire evening, inspiring sing­alongs and dancing.





All in all, it was a night that greatly exceeded expectations. Everything about it was fantastic, mad, and amazing. So we’re In light of the success that we had with the Mad Hatters Tea Party, doing it again next year!


Next year’s theme will be


We hope to see you there!

The mission of the Aurum Project is to advance the understanding and practice of homeopathy in Australia by promoting and conducting research into the use of homeopathic medicines for childhood health and behavioural problems.

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