The Bali Project Mission Statement

The Bali Project mission is: to create an atmosphere of clinical information exchange amongst homeopaths; to offer exposure to the living world from which homeopathic medicines derive; and to expand working knowledge by sharing clinical experience.

The Bali Project vision is that by sharing information through discussion and exchange in this relaxed atmosphere, homeopaths will expand their working knowledge and help strengthen the public perception of homeopathy in treating clinical conditions.

The Bali Project initiative was conceived by Australian homeopaths Jon Gamble, Nyema Hermiston, Linlee Jordan and Balinese homeopath Tjok Kerthyasa, in conjunction with The Aurum Project.

The emphasis of this homeopathy seminar is about utilising a rare opportunity to engage with your colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. By learning from other practitioners’ years of practice, the Bali Project’s aim is for you to increase your working knowledge of homeopathy. The Bali Project is about expanding knowledge, alleviating isolation, homeopathy networking, strengthening and supporting practitioners  – and having fun.

The seminar week will combine lectures, field trips and melting pots (sessions of open exchange between practitioners on a specific topic, sharing clinical insights, successes, to increase clinical knowledge on that topic.) The melting pots were a huge success in 2013.

All practitioners of homeopathic medicine are welcome to attend. By participating in The Bali Project, speakers and listeners are encouraged to share their knowledge with colleagues. The first Bali Project was held in June 2013 and is planned to be held biennially.

Venue – Campuhan College

To see the venue please go to venue, Campuhan College. The College is a 30-minute walk from central Ubud. Plentiful cheap transport is readily available.

The Bali Project 2015 Programme

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Speaker Programme

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Looking forward to seeing you at The Bali Project in Ubud in 2015.