About Us

The Aurum Project is an Australian charity dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of children through natural medicine.

Our Story

Penny Barron speaking about homeopathic treatment of ear problems in childrenOur story began with Penny Barron, mum of three children. When they were little, their health problems made mothering them relentless hard work and the sleepless nights were driving Penny beyond human limits. She despaired about the children’s recurrent ear infections and eczema; the cycle of clinging behaviour and scratching and whining and …..

Someone mentioned homeopathy and Penny was ready to try it. Over time, she saw big changes with her children’s health and the happiness of the whole family improved. She was so impressed that she began to study homeopathy herself. As a student she had a job as a receptionist in a homeopathy clinic and often talked about the need for more research. She wanted to be able to back up her personal experience with research data (after all she had a Bachelor of Science herself). After she gained her Homeopathy qualifications, she was still talking about the need for facts and figures: “There is no pathway in Australia for Homeopathy researchers.”

There is no holding back a mother on a mission! In 2004 Penny began formal meetings about the need for research and by 2005 The Aurum Project had begun.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Aurum Project is to advance the understanding and practice of homeopathy in Australia.


The Aurum Project aims to promote research into homeopathy.

 Our Vision

Our vision is provide contemporary evidence to promote the use of homeopathic treatment in Australia so that parents may confidently consider homeopathy as one of their healthcare options.

Constitution of The Aurum Project

The Aurum Project has adopted the model rules for incorporated associations available for viewing at and accepted them as our constituent documents with certain amendments. Read more here Constitution of The Aurum Project

Our People

PresidentBernadette EnglishDHom RN RM
Vice PresidentNyema HermistonAdv DHom RN Dip Nat
SecretaryAnn ManningAdv DHom BSc (Hons)
TreasurerLorena MattioloDHom Med
Public OfficerPenny BarronBSc Adv DHom
Ord MemberDr Jurgen SchulteMSc DSc

Advisory Group

Dr Jurgen SchulteMSc DSc
Dr Russell VickersPhD MScMed MDSc DHom DipHerb
Dr Linda HansonPhD B.HSc (Hom)
Dr Isaac GoldenPhD BEc (Hon) DHom ND
Michelle HookhamRN Dip App Sc Lic Hom
David LevyDHom DNat MHlthScEd